Pollute your surfing behavior

IMG_3376Wants to surf the Internet anonymously, use speciallized tooling … or contaminate your surfing behavior by polluting it (use the script).

Erosion of Privacy
Privacy is the new gold of the virtual world and therefore the most important mineral of the 21st century. Governments and commercial organizations show great interest in our digital behavior. Many companies earns a lot of money by selling and using your surfing behavior. Infringement of privacy is almost daily news on the Internet despite the fact that many countries have guaranteed privacy in specific legislation (such as Personal Data Protection Act in the Netherlands). Privacy erodes (see “Erosion of Privacy“).

‘Anonimize your self’ method
There are various technical solutions to anonymize your Internet behavior. Like Tails which is a complete operating system that preserves your privacy and anonymity. Or use TOR that is based on encryption and anonymous proxies. The easiest way is to make use of duckduckgo.com as your search engine. Beside this there are plenty how-to’s on the Internet to help you (see also ‘Help I’m a terrorist‘ and ‘The End of the Free Internet‘).

‘Pollute yourself’ method
A completely other new alternative is to make it diffuse by polluting your browsing behavior. Therefore you only have to run some kind of cloaking script, like the one underneath. It constantly browse the Internet looking for completely randomized url’s. Your surfing behavior will disapear. Remember a forest is still the best place to hide a tree.

Cloaking Script:

array [1] = "http://www.telegraaf.nl/"         # initial URL
max_idx = 1                                    # array length (initial)
start                                          # start endless loop
  rnd = integer between 1 and max_idx
  display_page = get array [rnd]               # read variable URL of array
  array = all URLs's                           # put all URLs of current page in array
  max_idx = array length                       # set maximum array length
  wait for random between one and five minutes # to look human
  go to start                                  # back to beginning

(* note: the above script will convert later to Python).

Be prepared


Over Ramses Sloeserwij

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Een reactie op Pollute your surfing behavior

  1. d41cf890d624e55 zegt:

    The problem with this is the fact that all those trackers are javascript based. When running such a traffic pollution script from a system within your own network (lets say a linux server of some kind) the traffic it generates wont be seen by the collectors because the average script (also the case with python based scripts) does not support javascript and therefor is not sending any information.

    For example look at the share this part of your own website. That script is communicating with Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but only because this website is using the plugin and my browser has javascript enabled. Good think is I have my script blockers enabled.

    And even if Google was able to see the data you’re generating because they do analysis on their apache logging they can still, simple by looking at the browser behaviour, mark your script as a pollution script.

    I personally prefer VPN with additional browser plugins that stop scripts, as can be found on this very website, from getting executed. It would also help if the webdesigners would stop using those social media scripts but until then VPN + Script blockers IMHO

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